Saturday with Kwang Yi and Steve

I am going out to meet Steve, Kwang Yi and Joey in Times Square. They invited me to go with them in the Berjaya gym(?) but I am too lazy to bring an extra bag for my work out clothes. Plus I think I have reached my quota of physical fitness for the day. I went walking for an hour early this morning! And I want to dress up today so carrying a big bag of extra clothes and sports shoes is out of the question. I am not sure if I achieved it though I like what I am seeing in the mirror. Ahahahahahaha.

I will meet the three after their workout and probably have some makan (Malay word for food) and just spend time. I am so happy and grateful that I have found good friends in KL despite my short and intermittent stay here. Gratitude really works.

I am reading the new book of Rhonda Byrne as well. The title is “The Magic”. What she is saying there is not really new but I plan to consciously practise them. My 2012 is a best-seller and I plan to keep it that way so all materials that will ensure that my mantra gets fulfilled, oh yes, count me in.


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