Many will say my job is the greatest. I get to travel to all these wonderful cities for free. I agree most of the time but in times like this when you are stuck in your room with nobody to talk to and nothing to do but stare in your computer, watch TV, read a book, or plan your life 100 years from now, I am having second thoughts.

Eating dinner is not as fun as when you have somebody to share a good meal. Don’t get me wrong. I am the person who loves spending alone time with myself. Actually, I do that a lot. But sometimes, the human connection, the need for social interaction is so gripping that I just want to cry or grab somebody in the street just to satisfy this need.

The music from the local Philippine radio station is not helping as well. Zuien, the Dato’s daughter, who I trained earlier found me listening to RX 93.1 and she instantly said, “Ahhh, you’re homesick.”

Maybe I am.


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